KIMS Hospitals in Gulf countries has not assigned any third party agencies to recruit on our behalf.
Pls. apply through for job opportunities in our Hospitals.
We do not solicit payment / have not authorized any agencies to take payment for employment opportunities with us.

Accounts Management


Qualification : ACA

Experience : 4-5 years of relevant experience, preferably in healthcare industry

Job Profile :

  • To ensure the compliances to Income –Tax Act, KVAT, Service Tax, Luxury Tax etc
  • To coordinate and ensure the completion of Tax Audit as well as various department level audits
  • To manage Statutory & Internal Audits
  • To respond timely and efficiently on various notices/letters from Govt. departments
  • To advice the business from tax point of view
  • To guide the company on a profitable business management within the ambit of various tax laws

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