Leadership Team

Dr. M. I. Sahadulla
Chairman and Managing Director

Prof. Dr. G. Vijayaraghavan
Vice – Chairman & Director Medical Services

Mr. E. M. Najeeb
Executive Director

Mr. E. Iqbal
Supporting Services

Prof. Joseph

Dr. P. M. Zuhara
Chief Coordinator – Emergency
Family Medicine & Pharmacy

Mr Neelakannan P
Group Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Safiya.P.M
Vice – Dean Academics

Mrs. Harifa. M
Group Finance Controller

Mr. Binu. K. B.
Group Company Secretary

Mr. Jerry Philip
Group General Manager
Operations and Healthcare Promotion

Mr. Dawn S. R
Group General Manager
Human Resources

Lt. Col. Chandrika
Group Coordinator – Nursing

Accamma Abraham
General Manager
Nursing Services

Mr. Biju. T. M.
Group General Manager
Food and Beverages

Mrs. Shreeshubha Kurup
Group Manager
Quality & Innovation

Dr Lovely K Titus
Group Quality Manager
Laboratory Medicine

Mrs. Sreerenjini L
Group Manager

Group Manager
Clinical Engineering

Group Manager

Praveen Jojo
Liaison officer

Ajith Kumar R
Group Chief Information Officer

Venkatasubramanian V
Group General Manager Procurement