American Heart Association

American Heart Association Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support Course and Paediatric Advanced Life Support

KIMS is pleased to offer American Heart Association Basic Life Support and Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (BLS/ACLS) and Paediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) Classes. KIMS is a recognized AHA International Training Centre and can certify all students with an AHA card upon successful completion of the class.

This class is recommended for all doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists and other clinical professionals. People working in critical care, emergency departments, dialysis and chemotherapy are especially encouraged to learn this valuable, life-saving skill.

The course will be taught by AHA certified instructors. The class takes place over three days for BLS & ACLS and two days for PALS and you must attend all of the classes to become eligible as an AHA BLS/ACLS/PALS Provider.

KIMS will also host a pre-class to teach ECG interpretation the week prior to all scheduled BLS/ACLS/PALS classes. This class is especially helpful to students who have not had much experience with reading ECGs.

The fee for BLS/ACLS is Rs 9,000 and PALS is Rs. 7,000. The fee for the pre-class is Rs 1,000. All fees must be paid in full at registration and are non-refundable.


Sl.No. Month Dates Course name Venue
1 FEB 1,2,3 BLS & ACLS KIMS Trivandrum
2 MAR 1,2,3 BLS & ACLS KIMS Trivandrum
3 MAR 23&24 PALS KIMS Trivandrum
4 APR 5,6,7 BLS & ACLS KIMS Trivandrum
5 APR 12,13,14 BLS & ACLS KIMS Alshifa
6 MAY 3,4,5 BLS & ACLS KIMS Trivandrum
7 JUNE 7,8,9 BLS & ACLS KIMS Trivandrum
8 JULY 5,6,7 BLS & ACLS KIMS Trivandrum
9 JULY 13 &14 PALS KIMS Trivandrum
10 AUG 2,3,4 BLS & ACLS KIMS Trivandrum
11 AUG 16,17,18 BLS & ACLS KIMS Alshifa
12 SEPT 6,7,8 BLS & ACLS KIMS Trivandrum
13 OCT 25,26,27 BLS & ACLS KIMS Alshifa
14 NOV 1,2,3 BLS & ACLS KIMS Trivandrum
15 NOV 23 &24 PALS KIMS Trivandrum
16 DEC 6,7,8 BLS & ACLS KIMS Trivandrum
17 DEC 13,14,15 BLS & ACLS KIMS Alshifa

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