High Risk Pregnancy and Fetal Medicine

KIMS Department of High Risk Pregnancy and Fetal Medicine was started in the year 2009 as a first of its kind in the state of Kerala under the leadership of Dr Vidyalekshmy. R .

Since inception, the unit has catered patients with severe Maternal and Fetal complications and problems preceding and during pregnancy. Our unit has successfully managed close to 10,000 high risk cases and the maternal fetal outcome is at par with international standards .Level 3B NICU and the state of the art facilities rendered by the labor ward and Senior obstetricians add to the merit of the unit. High Dependency Unit (HDU) support the care for critically ill mothers. The sub specialties like Pediatric Cardiology, pediatric nephrology and endocrinology are other highlights for KIMS maternal medicine unit.

KIMS is also selected as a centre for FNB training for High Risk OB & Fetal Medicine by national board of examination. Some of the primary reasons KIMS is a preferred provider of maternal care in Kerala are:

  • Pre pregnancy counseling – Bad Obstetric History
  • Monitoring Maternal medical disorders: h/o maternal cardiac / renal / hepatic / autoimmune disorders
  • First trimester screening- combined and enhanced screen.
  • Second trimester Quadruple screening
  • Non-invasive prenatal screening- NIPS
  • Placental karyolite BOBS
  • Prenatal FISH / CMA / QF PCR/Karyotype
  • Molecular diagnostic tests- like Thalessemia .
  • Parental KT
  • Targetted anomaly scans
  • Fetal Echo
  • Monitoring FGR babies
  • Monitoring of MCDA twins
  • Monitoring of higher order gestation.
  • Invasive fetal diagnosis like amniocentesis, CVS, cordocentesis
  • Amnioreduction
  • Fetal reduction in multiple pregnancies
  • RFA-radiofrequency ablation in MCDA
  • Selective fetal reduction in DCDA.

Multidisciplinary care with medical boards for complicated cases where Specialists from all concerned departments discuss with the family regarding the management plans.

Our Doctors:

Dr. Vidyalekshmi R, KIMS Hospitals

Dr. Vidyalekshmi R

Speciality : High Risk Pregnancy and Fetal Medicine

Designation : Senior Consultant & Coordinator

Date and time : Tues, Thurs, Fri : 9:00 am to 1.00 pm

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Dr. Nina Navakumar

Speciality : High Risk Pregnancy and Fetal Medicine

Designation : Specialist

Date and time : Mon - Fri : 9 am to 3 pm

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Dr. Brinda Sabu

Speciality : High Risk Pregnancy and Fetal Medicine

Designation : Associate Consultant

Date and time : Mon – Sat : 9 00 AM - 4:00 PM

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