Dr. D Kalpana

Speciality : Neurology

Designation : Consultant Pediatric Neurologist

Date and time : Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs & Sat : 10:00 am - 04:00 pm

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Academic Qualifications

MD (Ped.) DM (Neuro) DNB ( Neuro)

Areas of expertise

  • Paediatric epilepsy
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Neurometabolic disorders
  • Neurodevelopmental disorders like ADHD, autism
  • Demyelinating diseases

Previous Experience

1.18 years of experience as teaching faculty in the department of Paediatrics and
Paediatric Neurology, Govt. Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram,

2.14 years of experience exclusively in Paediatric Neurology in managing children with neurologic diseases. Was working as Additional Professor of Paediatric Neurology, in Govt. Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram

3.Hon. Neurology Consultant, Child Development Centre, Thiruvananthapuram

Professional Membership

Life member of IMA, IAP, IAN.
State coordinator of IAP Pediatric Quiz for the last 5 yrs.
Secretary, Trivandrum Neuroclub 2018-19

Special interest

Passion for teaching and training in Neurology
Paediatric Palliative care

Awards and honours

  • Reviewer in Indian Pediatrics, Annals of Indian Academy of Neurology,Journal of Pediatric Neurosciences, International Journal of Epilepsy
  • Contributed to chapters in IAP textbook of Paediatrics
  • Faculty and examiner for Developmental Paediatrics, Child Development Centre
  • Faculty for Pediatric epilepsy training Programme conducted by British Pediatric Neurology Association
  • Presented papers in National and International Paediatric Neurology conferences
  • University rank holder in Community Medicine and Ophthalmology
  • National Talent Search Scholarship Awardee

Procedures Performed

Needle EMG
Botox injection for cerebral palsy


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Research Projects

1.Effect of antiepileptic drugs on lipid profile and liver function tests
2.A descriptive study of acute disseminated encephalomyelitis in children
3.Acute encephalitic syndrome in children