Dr kannan venugopal

Speciality : Dental, Clinical, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Designation : Maxillofacial Surgeon

Date and time : Wednesdays :10 30am - 2:30pm

Experience : 2 years

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Brief Description:

Kannan venugopal residing at kollam completed my BDS from amrita university n 2009 and completed my MDS pms dental college and research under KUHS university on 2016 now presuming a degree in implanology mastership in implantology from American academy of implantology

Areas of Expertise:

Impaction,Biopsy, Minor surgical procedures,
Trauma management, pathologies, cleft palate correction, Dental Implantolgy



Professional Membership:


Special Interests:

Impaction,Biopsy, Minor surgical procedure,Trauma management, pathologies, cleft palate correction, Dental Implantolgy

Awards and Honors:

4th RANK in KUHS university in MDS oral and maxillofacial surgery
2 international publications

  • Amiloblastic fibro odontoma
  • Intramuscular hemangioma in masseter muscle

1 state publication
a) Zygoma implants


Extraction of Teeth, Minor & Major Surgical Procedures