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KIMS Cardiologists performs Rare Minimally Invasive Procedure for Stroke Prevention

A rare minimally invasive procedure for stroke prevention was performed successfully at KIMS Hospital Trivandrum for an 80 Year old patient from Trivandrum. The patient was having Irregular Heart beat and was diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation. People with Atrial fibrillation are 5 to 7 times more likely to have a stroke than the general population. The patient was also in a condition where bleeding occurred when medication was administered for stroke prevention.

Kerala’s First ‘TARE’ Procedure with Iodine-131 successfully done at KIMS Hospital

For the first time in Kerala, Trans Arterial Radio-Embolisation (TARE) with Iodine-131 Lipiodol for liver tumor was carried out in a 74-year-old male with liver cancer in KIMS Hospital, Trivandrum. This novel approach of treating liver cancers is carried out in patients with inoperable liver tumors. The TARE procedure was opted since the patient responded poorly to targeted chemoembolisation of the Liver tumour. KIMS has directly procured Iodine-131 from Bhaba Atomic Research Centre (BARC).

Life Saving Minimally Invasive Procedure at KIMS saves life of 28 year old

A path – breaking minimal invasive procedure at KIMS Hospital, Trivandrum, saved the life of a 28 year old lady who had excessive bleeding following the delivery. The bleeding turned out to be life threatening. Contemplating the danger to the mother due to excessive bleeding the doctors at the local hospital which she was getting treated decided to remove the uterus to save the patient’s life and control the bleeding. However in spite of the surgery the patient continued to bleed internally and the patient was referred to KIMS hospital for further treatment.

Salivary Gland Endoscopy facility at KIMS

The Centre for Laryngology at KIMS Trivandrum has introduced comprehensive Sialology unit with Salivary Gland Endoscopy (Sialoendoscopy) for the diagnosis and treatment of all salivary gland infections and disorders. Salivary gland stones are becoming common and are one of the major causes of Salivary gland infections. The other leading cause of salivary gland infections is due to Stricture (an abnormal narrowing of a bodily passage) and adhesions (fibrous bands that form between tissues and organs).

The boy who walked away from a broken neck

The 18th of September, 2016 would have been another regular day in the lives of many, but for 15 year old Master Thameem, it changed his life forever. Thameem was travelling as a pillion rider on his friend’s bike. At Pottavilla, Trivandrum they negotiated a steep bump at a high speed, which completely threw Thameem off the seat.

Unique Reverse Shoulder Replacement Surgery done at KIMS

KIMS Hospital successfully performed a unique Reverse Shoulder replacement surgery for a man whose right shoulder bone was affected by a tumor. The 49 year old man, working in the Middle East was suffering from acute pain on the right shoulder. The investigations done at KIMS revealed a tumor on the right shoulder bone. Tumors on the bone can spread to other parts of the body. Hence these tumors have to be removed at the early stage itself or else, can be fatal

Rare Splenic Artery Partial Embolisation Performed

The patient, a 28 year old female from Marthandam in Kanyakumari district, Tamilnadu was brought here for treatment of an acute medical condition. She was diagnosed of a condition called as Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP).A condition where the platelet gets destroyed in the spleen due to problem with Immune Response.

Maldivian Woman gets a new lease of life

It’s a twenty eight old Maldivian woman who benefitted from a novel method of treatment at KIMS Hospital. The patient for the past ten years was suffering from frequent occurrences of vertigo which led to unconsciousness. With these symptoms the patient was finding it difficult to manage her daily chores.

A Rare Form of Embolisation treatment for Prostrate Enlargement Done

An Omani patient with urinary retention and on catheter for more than 50 days was sucessfully treated at KIMS Hospital, Trivandrum through a radiological procedure called ‘Prostratic Artery Embolisation.’ This procedure done by KIMS is the first ever performed in Kerala and one of the first few cases in the country. In Prostratic Artery Embolisation the blood supply to the prostrate gland is blocked by a minimal invasive procedure done through a small groin puncture. This leads to shrinkage of prostrate over a period of time.

Rare Cervical Surgery Performed

A 55-year-old Omani woman has successfully undergone a rare cervical surgery on her neck at the private KIMS hospital here. The three-hour-long surgery was successfully completed by a team of surgeons at the hospital.

Eighty two year old man becomes the oldest liver donor in South India

KIMS hospital, Trivandrum successfully conducted the cadaveric transplant of liver of an eighty two year old man, the victim of a fatal road accident in Trivandrum. The recipient is a forty four year old man from Kollam.

Kerala’s’ first PPP model for Liver transplant gives new hopes

The first ever Liver transplant surgery at MCH in association with KIMS hospital, Trivandrum gives new lease of life for Liver patients awaiting Liver transplants in the state.