May 23, 2019
You can lower cholesterol with diet - KIMS Trivandrum
You can lower cholesterol with diet
May 27, 2019


I would like to express my greatest thanks and appreciation to the following doctors and nurses

Doctors: Rafeekha, Vidhyalekshmi, Saranya, Sneha Ann Abraham, Jyothi Prabhakar, Naveen Jain and Femitha

5th Floor, 2nd Nursing station – Jini. N, Sandhya, Jisha, Emmanual, Jiji, Sreekutty, Revathy Reshma, Arya and Eva

Security AS Mr. Madhu

For taking care of my daughter Parvathy Roji and her new born baby (admitted to room number 536 under M R # 007567611 & 002019717), with warmth, kindness, care and patience. I would also like to appreciate their professionalism and their determination to do their duties quickly and efficiently. I also take this opportunity to grant a special thanks to each and everyone at the labor department (for Parvathy Roji) and at the NICU department (for our new born) for taking care of them with utmost patience and care. Thank you for making this an amazing experience for me.

You are truly doing God’s work.